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At robokin, we take immense pride in introducing the students to the captivating world of robotics, with a special emphasis on the Pepper robot. Pepper, created by Softbank Robotics, is a groundbreaking humanoid robot that stands at the forefront of human-robot interaction technology. Below, we delve into the technical specifications and remarkable properties that make Pepper an invaluable addition to our educational programs.

did you know...

Pepper, the humanoid robot with a flair for the dramatic, is not just another pretty face in the world of robotics. Here are five fun facts that make Pepper stand out from the robotic crowd:

master of emotions

Pepper is like the empath of robots, equipped with the uncanny ability to read the room – literally! It can pick up on human emotions by analyzing facial expressions and voice tones, making it the friend you didn't know you needed, always ready to cheer you up or offer a sympathetic ear.

roaming free

Pepper isn't just standing around; it's on the move! With its advanced sensors and a brain full of algorithms, Pepper can navigate through crowds like a pro, dodging obstacles and even trailing after you if it thinks you're in the mood for a chat, all while keeping a respectful distance.

a communicator like no other

Pepper doesn't just talk; it communicates with gusto, using not just words but also gestures and its handy-dandy tablet to share information. It's like having a living infographic at your fingertips, ready to entertain and educate with a wave of its hand.

a robot of many hats

Pepper is the ultimate quick-change artist, thanks to its open platform that lets developers dress it up in endless virtual costumes. Whether it's playing the role of a concierge, teacher, or even a buddy, there's practically nothing this robot can't do with a little programming magic.

world traveler

Pepper has stamped its passport in over 70 countries, taking on roles from greeting shoppers in retail stores to helping out in banks, schools, and even homes. It's the international robot of mystery, charming humans across the globe with its versatile talents.

Pepper isn't just pushing the boundaries of robotics; it's dancing over them, bringing a blend of technology and personality to every interaction and showing us a glimpse of the future where robots are an integral part of our daily lives.

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perform magic tricks

stand-up comedy

lead a dance party

teach stem subjects


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